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We take pride in each and every project, whether enterprise-grade or the first prototype for a new start-up.  At the top of our value list is you, the customer. Our team is an extension of your team—that’s how we will approach all the work that we do for you.  We are your technology advocate and when you win, we win!

We hope you enjoy browsing some of our projects below and will keep updating this page from time to time in order to highlight other work.

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The Hope App

We are really excited about the client-branded generosity platform known as The Hope App.  We were first approached to consult on and help build the platform and we liked it so much our CEO is now one of the company’s owners.  In its first few months after release, The Hope App was chosen by over twenty non-profit organizations, churches, and universities and the same number of entities were waiting to onboard.  The platform features native iOS and Android apps, a Ruby / Rails web app, and a back-end capable of scaling to support the millions of people expected to donate through the platform.  Round up, one-time, and recurring gifts complement text-to-give and hosted pay page options due out in the third and fourth quarter of 2018.  The platform boasts numerous API integrations that include ties to over 12,000 financial institutions through a financial aggregation service provider.

Brooker Insurance Agency

Not all websites are created equal!  The Brooker Insurance full redesign was centered on the vision of keeping a very professional and classic site filled with an artistic edge and strong visual components.  The result was a site that incorporated black, white, and gold color tones and a variety of video elements for “hero” backdrops and client testimonies.  From the site design, to video production, to copy writing, our team created an appealing online experience that is supercharged for digital marketing.  SEO optimization is always a must, and the Brooker site also includes several unique calls to action with a chat system to come later this year.  Granular lead tracking and automated email response was set up to give the Brooker sales team an edge as customers browse their site over time.   Our team continues to work with Brooker from month to month in order to create blog content, paid advertisements, social posts, and more.

Lead Generation Platform

At Noodle Group we often remain anonymous and become an extension of our client’s team to do work for their clients.  The image shown to the left does not show actual work, but represents the concept of a lead generation platform built for a Fortune 500 company.  The platform involved fully customizeable Android tablet/mobile survey apps, a similar web app, a web-based dashboard, real-time tracking, report generation for sales teams, a robust cloud-based backend, automated HTML emails with targeted content, marketing analytics for opens / clicks, and more.  The platform also required 2D barcode scanning capability and near-field communication (NFC) chip reading.  Often we are asked to meet a very tight timeline.  In the case of this project, we delivered a fully-functioning system in about ten weeks time once the requirements were determined.

Comparative Analytics Dashboard

We were proud to be able to develop an analytics dashboard utilizing an AWS cloud-based backend for a non-profit network.  The system features customizeable executive summaries with five layers of abstraction.  It also boasts real-time comparative analysis of similar organizations in a blinded, aggregated format.  This allows one entity to immediately view their performance as compared to groups of similar entities, filtering across six different parameters.  The dashboard supports communication components to help leadership teams and coaches target and assist specific organizations.  Network-wide views also provide robust charts and histograms to let everyone see the “40,000 foot” view.  The system continues to grow, scale, and is being adopted by other networks.

Surveys and Polls of All Shapes and Sizes!

We have created digital surveys for iOS devices, Android devices, and various web browsers.  Some projects have included very-large-screen, real-time results visualizations, while others have been deployed via the internet.  We have built and configured closed network solutions, touchscreen applications, and have comfortably developed solutions for Windows and Mac OS platforms.

We are not afraid of special requests and hard-to-solve problems.  Give us a call today!

Custom-Tailored Motion Graphics

As a part of a collaborative team led by one of our clients, Noodle Group was asked to develop a large motion graphic video for a very large company.  The screen matrix was 1920 x 5400 pixels incorporating movement on all screens.  For anonymity, the image to the right is representative of the project, but does not show actual work.

In addition to developing motion graphics and explainer videos for a variety of applications, our team is capable of developing complex 3D advertisements, renderings and walk-throughs.  These can be used to complement other software projects, websites, digital marketing campaigns, and more.

Please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to provide you with other examples of our team’s work.  We think our designers are the best!